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Astroshastra is committed to delivering the highest levels of service and support to our customers. We aim to exceed their expectations. Our consistent and constant efforts in this direction are helping us to reach the goal

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Astroshastra online customer support service facilitates reporting of problem trends and solutions. It provides an understanding of customerís service requirements for improved services and resolutions. It greatly simplifies the interaction between both the client and Astroshastra staff.

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Astroshastra Customer Support service operates from 10.00 A.M to 7.00 P.M. daily and is delivered by trained, experienced and motivated staff. All our employees are extensively qualified and have expertise in Customer Service. We understand the need to address to our customersí problems instantly. In order to provide this instant support, we have introduced a central contact number: 91-011-43014582

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If you have any queries related to any of our products or services.

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