About Astroshastra

Astroshastra has been created with the intention of providing individual astrological information and remedies to the world. Since time immemorial man has continuously striven to know the future, astroshastra aims at revealing this most hidden aspect of life.

Astroshastra endeavors at covering all the diverse aspects of astrology not only Indian but Chinese astrology which is as old and acknowledged as the Indian system. Astroshastra includes numerology, palmistry, zodiac system, vaastu etc. in order to keep mental acumer as well as predicting the future.

We also aim at educating you in this arena the contents of this section aim at providing you with organized views, principles analytical ability, and judgment power in order to easily comprehend the subject. These lessons can be employed by you to deftly read horoscopes and advise accordingly.

Astroshastra not only provide you with the glimpse of the future but also intends to provide a better wholesome living by offering various remedies and astrological cures recommended by our astro-experts after a careful and diligent study of your horoscope.

Through Astroshastra, we have united the Internet power with astrology for a complete, unrestrained, easy and beyond doubt expressive trade of concepts, thought and options Astroshastra Services & Stores Include

Kindly contact us at admn@astroshastra.comin case you have any queries or want to buy any thing specific which u could not find on our product catalogue. Our marketing team will call on you with further details.

  • Brihaspati Yantra
  • Guru Yantra or Jupiter yantra is to appease the planet Jupiter/ Brihaspati.

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  • Kaalsarp Dosh Nivaran Yantra
  • People with Kaal Sarp Yoga have their life full of struggle. It causes setbacks in life and

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  • Astroshastra Ceremonies
  • Astroshastra, with the support of its millons of members, regularly hold religious

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  • Puja material
  • PUJA MATERIAL Performing Puja is the intergarl part of daily

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